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The Rance family has been hunting Southern Africa for generations.  We own and manage the 14’262 acre Kei River Reserve in the Kei River valley and 6’860 acre Cloudlands Game Reserve in the Fish River valley, both located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.  These are wildlife havens, populated extensively with many species of game including buffalo and managed sustainably with good ecological and wildlife management principles.

Owing to the development of private reserves like ours, South Africa and the Eastern Cape in particular, now has more species and numbers of wild game animals than ever before.

Only a few hunts will be offered per year on our reserves thereby ensuring clients a special experience.  Hunting terrain is big, wild and open – see the photographs of typical terrain, or visit Google Maps 32°18’3.74″S 27°34’55.35″E for Sweetlands lodge at Kei River Reserve and 33° 0’38.47″S 26°20’56.67″E for Cloudlands Game Reserve.

Hunting takes place throughout the year, but best months are from March to August when weather is cooler and for buffalo, best months are July to September – see hunting information for climate.

Bow-hunting is catered for – see hunting information.

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