Sweetlands / Kei River Reserve – Review by Mark Ahlin

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Sweetlands / Kei River Reserve – Review by Mark Ahlin

Sweetlands / Kei River Reserve – Review by Mark Ahlin

Recently, over the April/May 2017 long weekend, I was privileged to spend my time walking and stalking game in the pristine bushveld of the Kei River Reserve in the Eastern Cape. The Sweetlands Farm incorporates around 22 kilometers of meandering Kei River frontage, and is truly one of the most picturesque and pristine wildlife reserve in the region. This weekend was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences in my hunting career to date, and one on which I will fondly reminisce for years to come!

The farm, which is managed by Rance Safaris, is a family business which is passionately managed by the Rances – John, Margie, John Jnr and Craig, and supported by a phenomenal management team headed up by Ryan Phelan. This collaboration results in a vastly superior outfitting experience for both hunters and social guests alike.

From a trophy hunting perspective, these guys know their stuff when it comes to genetics and producing outsize specimens, in particular, the numerous magnificent kudu which one encounters in every corner of the farm. It is not uncommon to see a few 55” inch bulls, with the odd one reaching to 60” inches, converged on a hillside together!!!

If you are in the market for that once in a lifetime trophy wall mount, this is the 5-Star outfit that will turn dreams into reality!!!

Amazing farm, wonderful people, and all in all, a world class EXPERIENCE….

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